Waterproof playing mats

Let your baby discover toys, develop and explore the world around them on a practical waterproof baby play mat which can easily be transformed into a changing mat. Movement on the floor outside the crib, cradle, or stroller is very important for a baby's development. The natural movement strengthens their little body. Thanks to the soft padding you don't have to worry about anything being uncomfortable.

Waterproof play mats come in two versions. The first one consists of a pad made of plush on one side and a waterproof, highly durable material on the other. You can turn it to the side that suits you as needed. The second type is 100% waterproof on both sides and filled with hollow fiber. Thanks to that you don't have to worry about letting your baby lie on the floor without a nappy. In both cases it's easy to wipe off. That's why we recommend this pad for changing as well. 

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