Remember that familiar feeling of security when mommy wrapped you in her arms? Ever since the moment we were born, we have a subconscious memory of the nine months we grew up in the space of a belly that was constantly wrapped around us. And it's the swaddles that represent the environment the baby has become so used to. At the same time, in a swaddle, they can observe the world safely and in a stable position from the very first months, looking around in all directions and matching the sounds they knew from their tummies to specific people and things. And they can do this, both while being carried, breastfed, but also in the stroller, where the swaddles mute the shocks during the ride. Make your little ones feel safe in every situation with feather baby swaddles.

Thanks to the natural feather material that the Czech brand JiTuli works with, you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will perform a thermoregulatory function. This means that it cools down in the heat, warms up in the winter and prevents sweating. This makes it the ideal partner for babies born in the hottest summer and the coldest winter days. 

How to choose the right size of down wrap?

Choose the size of the swaddle according to the age and weight of your baby. For newborns we recommend the Classic size. Choose the pattern according to your taste and we recommend to match the wrap with a feather pillow, which together with the wrap will create a crib set that will make your little ones happy for years. 

Díky zavinovačce se vaše miminko bude cítit bezpečně v postýlce, kočárku i v náručí. V nabídce zavinovaček pro miminka najdete různé rozměry, barvy i vzory.