Take your baby for a walk even on cold days without worrying about catching a cold. The winter sleeper will keep your baby reliably warm and protected against wind or snow. It will become your favorite traveling partner, plus you can choose a footmuff in cute colors and patterns. It's easy to coordinate your entire outfit into one design.

Comfort and warmth in the stroller bunting bags are provided by the warm plush inside and the practical waterproof fabric on the outside, which has a high resistance to mechanical damage. Thus, you can use the bunting bag both during cold and frosty days in the pram, but also on the sleigh, where your baby will be constantly comfortable and warm. 

Žádná položka

Vydejte se s děťátkem na procházku i v chladných dnech bez obavy z nachlazení díky zimnímu fusaku. Vyberte si barvu či vzor, která perfektně doplní kočárek.