Sleeping bags

Did you know that a sleep sack is a great choice for baby's sleep? Our baby sleeping bags are designed with a focus on healthy and safe sleep, since the bag does not hinder the movement of the baby's hips and ensures their proper development. In addition, the special hollow fiber repels dust particles and is indigestible to dust mites, bacteria and other microorganisms. Your baby will thus be assured of a perfectly healthy sleep.

JiTuli sleeping bags are double-layered with special hollow fiber and made of 100% cotton. It perfectly manages thermoregulatory function, so the baby will be warm but at the same time will not sweat. You will therefore use it in both warm and winter months. Thanks to the high quality zipper, you will be able to comfortably store your baby in the bag.

Žádná položka

Věděli jste, že vak je skvělou volbou pro spánek pro miminko? Naše spací pytle pro miminko jsou totiž navrženy s důrazem na zdravý a bezpečný spánek.