Did you know that the rowan tree symbolizes love and happiness? Maybe you also look at a rowan tree and think back to your school years when it was often used to make all sorts of pictures in art class. Or you might have secretly eaten it in your grandmother's garden when the berries were still sour. Draw on your fond memories and get your little one a kit with a rowan pattern.

The rowanberry consists of a grey-blue pattern combined with soft brown and ochre berries. You can match the whole baby kit - from the swaddle, bedding, nest to the cap or snuggle. 

We combine feather swaddles and bedding in the pattern of cranberries with white, ochre, blue and brown. It's up to you which combination you choose for your baby. Thanks to the natural feather material that the Czech brand JiTuli works with, you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will perform their thermoregulatory function. This means that it cools down in the heat, warms up in the winter and prevents sweating. This makes it the ideal partner for babies born in the hottest summer and the coldest winter days. 

Rádi byste už odmala vedli děťátko ke vztahu k přírodě? Pořiďte mu výbavičku se vzorem jeřabinek, díky které může poznávat rostliny už odmala.