Quick swaddles

Remember that familiar feeling of security when mummy wrapped you in her arms? From the moment we're born, we have a subconscious memory of the nine months we grew up in the space of a tummy that was constantly hugging us around. And it's the swaddling quickie that represents the environment that the baby has become so used to. At the same time, in the swaddle they can observe the world safely and in a stable position from the very first months. And this, both when being carried, breastfed, but also in the stroller.

Thanks to the natural cotton material, which the Czech brand JiTuli works with, the baby will feel comfortable in the quick wrap - in the hands of mom, in the crib and during feeding. Once the baby grows a bit bigger, the quick swaddle can be easily unfolded and used as a play mat. 

Žádná položka

Rychlozavinovačka pro miminko představuje prostředí, na které si zvyklo u maminky v bříšku. Dopřejte jim pocit bezpečí a vyberte barvu a vzor.