Feather crib pillows

Just as you can't imagine sleeping without a comfortable pillow, a pillow is very important for a baby too. This is because the baby seeks the confined space that he or she was used to in the mum's tummy. And that's exactly what a feather pillow gives them.

Baby pillow is semi-filled and thanks to the feathers the baby's head will sink into the pillow. The pillow will not create any gap between the cervical spine and the head. The baby's neck, on the other hand, stretches gently and the baby can snuggle and sleep peacefully. It is also a great prevention to predilection. It means, for turning the baby's head to one side and symmetrical or asymmetrical head reversal. No other material can replace a feather pillow.

The outer part of the pillow consists of a cotton cover, which you can choose exactly according to your taste. We also recommend buying replacement covers so you can change it anytime and keep everything clean.

Žádná položka

Stejně jako vy si nedokážete představit spaní bez pohodlného polštáře, tak je polštářek důležitý i pro miminko. Vyberte si českou kvalitu s bavlněným povlakem.