Did you know that a good quality stroller cushion absorbs the shock of the ride, plus helps prevent the baby's head from turning to one side all the time? Thanks to the cushion, your baby can enjoy walks and trips in maximum comfort. 

Thanks to its practical dimensions of 40x40 cm, the cushion is a great choice not only for the pram but also for the cot. Thanks to the combination of down and feather, the baby's head will sink into the pillow and the pillow will not create any gap between the cervical spine and the head. The baby's head, on the other hand, stretches beautifully in the neck. This will support your baby's healthy development.

The outer part of the cushion consists of a cotton cover, which you can choose exactly according to your taste. We also recommend buying spare covers so that you can change the pillow at any time so your baby is always clean.

Žádná položka

Věděli jste, že kvalitní péřový polštářek tlumí otřesy při jízdě kočárkem? Vyberte si polštářek si bavlněným povlečením podle svého vkusu.