Even a stroller can look like something out of a magazine and still be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the baby. With replacement cushion covers, you can keep the stroller clean at all times so your little one can sleep undisturbed while strolling outside. Choose from a wide range of designs to match the cushion with a swaddle or swaddling blanket, for example. 

We make our cushion covers from high-quality cotton that is very pleasant to the touch and gentle on baby's skin. The covers measure 40x40 cm and can be used not only in the pram but also in the cot. 

Žádná položka

I kočárek může vypadat jako ze žurnálu a zároveň být co nejpohodlnější a nejpříjemnější pro miminko. Vybírejte z mnoha barev a vzorů bavlněných potahů.