Moses baskets

Use the traditional Moses baby basket to put your baby to sleep and experience the benefits of our ancestors lives. The main one is the sense of security represented by high edges of the basket. It creates a cozy environment that prolongs the baby's sleep. You will use it until approx. age of 6 months before the baby starts to sit or crawl on all fours.

The baby sleep basket is lightweight and easily portable, so you can keep the baby close to you at all times without having to spend time by the crib. It's just as easy to transport in the car if you're going on a visit or holiday. This is also a great choice for parents who appreciate natural and elegant design, as it will fit perfectly into your home. Once the baby outgrows it, you can also use it as a storage space for toys. 

The material of the Moses basket is woven from 100% natural special cords made from pressed paper. The basket also includes a certified mattress precisely tailored to your baby's needs. You can also get a stand to go with the basket so that the baby is higher up and you don't have to bend down too much. 

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