Those who are prepared will not be caught off guard! Follow this motto too, and get ready for the baby's arrival with a full baby kit that will make motherhood easier and make the baby feel comfortable and secure. 

For example, sleeping bags or swaddles will contribute to undisturbed healthy sleep, and you can replace the cot with a Moses basket, which follows the time-honored traditions of our ancestors. Your baby will also benefit from a cozy hat with a knot, which will keep him warm not only in his cot. There are also unique snuggles that babies can snuggle up to at night or wring their hands. This improves their motor skills and creates a feeling of security. They will then continue to explore the world on the play blankets and mark important moments on milestone cards. 

To keep your baby clean and happy, pin a bib on them and change them on special changing mats. Don't forget to wrap them in a towel or universal muslin nappy after bathing in a special baby natural cosmetic that is gentle on sensitive skin. 

Žádná položka

Připravte se na příchod miminka s výbavičkou, která vám usnadní mateřství a miminku dodá pocit bezpečí. Vyberte si z nabídky produktů české výroby.