Feather swaddles Mini

Give your newborn baby the feeling of security they used to experience in the tummy. A baby swaddle provides a much familiar environment as it hugs the baby in the same way. It gives the baby a feeling of security, as if you were snuggling him or her close to you. At the same time, in the swaddle, they can observe the world safely and in a stable position from the very first months. And this, both when being carried, breastfed, but also in the stroller, where the swaddle mutes the shocks when moving. 

The smallest dimension is suitable for newborns, premature babies or those with low birth weight. The 75x75cm square size hugs them beautifully, and once they grow out of the wrap, you can easily unfold it and use it as a blanket or play mat. If you decide to use it as a duvet, we recommend getting a pillow of the same quality to go with it.

Thanks to the natural feather material that the Czech brand JiTuli works with, you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will perform a thermoregulatory function. This means that it cools down in the heat, warms up in the winter and prevents sweating. This makes it the ideal partner for babies born in the hottest summer and the coldest winter days.

Žádná položka

Hledáte malou velikost zavinovačky pro miminka? Vyberte si ze široké nabídky zavinovaček v rozměrech mini a dopřejte vašemu miminku pocit bezpečí.