Feather swaddles Maxi

Has your baby gotten used to the swaddle as a place of security? Give them the feeling of being in his mummy's tummy even when they outgrow the smaller wrap. Thanks to more feathers, they'll adjust perfectly and sleep tight.

With its weight, size and amount of feathers, the maxi size is one of the largest swaddles for bigger babies - babies from 3 months or bigger newborns from about 4 kg. The feather weight is adjusted to the baby's weight so that the feathers work under the baby. The baby will sink into the feathers and the feathers will spread sideways under the baby's body. This is the only way the swaddle will create the right position for the baby to develop well.

Thanks to the natural feather material that the Czech brand JiTuli works with, you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will perform their thermoregulatory function. This means that it cools down in the heat, warms up in the winter and prevents sweating. This makes it the ideal partner for babies born in the hottest summer and the coldest winter days. Plus, you can also choose a spare cover to go with it so you can wash everything as needed.

The 100x100 cm feather swaddle hugs your baby beautifully, and once he or she outgrows the swaddle, you can easily unfold it and use it as a blanket or play mat. If you decide to use it as a duvet, we recommend that you also get a pillow of the same quality.

Větší zavinovačky jsou ideální volbou pro větší miminka, nebo pro děti od 3 měsíců. Vyberte si z různých barev i vzorů, které oživí každý dětský pokojíček.