Did you know that you can buy not only duvet and pillow covers, but also swaddle covers? That way, your baby will always be clean and you don't have to worry if the wrap gets dirty. You'll always be ready to pull a clean cover out of the closet. 

All swaddling blankets are made up of a feather filling, which the Czech brand JiTuli works with and thanks to which you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will perform their thermoregulatory function. The top part is made of 100% cotton, which literally strokes the baby's skin. All the covers are finished with a zipper, so you can easily change them. 

The replacement covers for the maxi swaddles are square in shape and measure 100x100 cm. Once your baby has outgrown the wrap, you can easily unfold it and use it as a duvet.

Žádná položka

Věděli jste, že se dá koupit nejen povlečení na peřinu a polštář, ale také na zavinovačku? Díky tomu bude miminko neustále v čistém.