Do you want to give your baby a touch of nature even when changing? Then you will be delighted with our eco-friendly changing mats. They are as gentle as possible on baby's skin, but also practical and with designed patterns. They are easy to pack in your bag and become the ideal travel companion - for holidays, visits and doctor's appointments. If you don't need to change your baby at the moment, you can also use the mat for playing or lying down.

We make our eco-friendly cloth changing mats from a combination of two natural materials. The top is white terry with a PUL coating that prevents any leakage. As the bottom layer we use a designer cotton fabric which you can easily match with the rest of the equipment, such as swaddles, pillows or blankets. The terry is comfortable to the touch for the baby, and if an accident happens, the PUL cover reliably prevents leakage into the other layers.

Žádná položka