Discounted sets

You may already have your stroller ready, but how about outfitting it so the whole family can go for walks with the baby? That's why we offer discounted stroller sets that go great together, and your little one and the whole stroller will be cuteness itself. Plus, when you buy a set, you'll save money and be equipped for outings.

All sets include a handy stroller sheet that is easy to wash and will keep the baby comfortable and clean. Baby will lie and sleep in the quick wrap in a breeze, plus you can also use it as a play blanket when unfolded. For the third product, you can choose between sets with a capl and a pillow for even more comfortable lying.

Žádná položka

Zvýhodněné sety do kočárku dohromady skvěle ladí a váš drobeček bude roztomilost sama. Navíc při zakoupení setu ušetříte a budete vybaveni pro výlety.