Every mom wants her baby's room to be not only practical but also nice to look at. Decorative cot cushions are an essential part of creating a playful baby atmosphere. However, the use of decorative cushions does not stop at aesthetics. You can lean on them while breastfeeding, reading or they can become a fun toy for children to roll around on the floor or on the bed. 

All decorative cushions have a size of 40x40 cm and are shaped with a practical hollow fibre filling. The cover is 100% cotton, which is very pleasant to touch. You can match decorative cushions with the rest of the room, as they come in the same design as, for example, swaddles, blankets, nests and other baby equipment.

Žádná položka

Každá maminka chce, aby byl dětský pokojíček nejen praktický, ale také pěkný na pohled. Vyberte minimalistické i hravé dekorační polštářky.