Create a space in your baby's crib that they can snuggle into and sleep peacefully. It's the crib equipment that will make them feel it as an oasis of safety, where they'll feel just like in mommy's tummy.

The baby's head will sink into the high-quality feather pillow and the pillow will not create any gap between their cervical spine and head. With replacement pillowcases and sheets, you'll easily manage drooling or otherwise soiled covers and the baby will be able to sleep clean. For an added sense of security, we recommend getting special cot mattress covers. Also, don't forget a blanket for your little one to snuggle into. Mothers with aesthetic sensibilities can add the finishing touch with decorative cushions. 

Žádná položka

Vytvořte miminku prostor v postýlce, do kterého se zachumlá a bude klidně spinkat. Vyberte péřový polštářek, mantinely, deku nebo bavlněné povlečení.