Extra covers for feather pillows into the crib

Do you know that feeling when you lie down in a clean bed and immediately sleep better? Treat your baby the same with replacement pillowcases. You can easily change and wash them as needed and your baby will always be clean. Plus, the playful patterns and colors are the perfect finishing touch to your baby's room.

We make our baby pillowcases from high-quality cotton that is very pleasant to touch and gentle for baby's skin. The 40x60 cm pillow cases can be used not only in the cot but also in the pram. 

Žádná položka

Pořiďte náhradní dětské povlečení na polštářky, které snadno vyměníte a miminko bude vždy v čistém. Hravé vzory a barvy perfektně dotvoří dětský pokojíček.