Children pillows LARGE / half-filled

JiTuli large feather pillows are your silver treasure for a child's bed or for your bedroom.

They have a classic size of 70x90 cm and are semi-filled. This means that they do not form a too large step between the cervical spine and are therefore suitable for children. Some adults will also appreciate this fluffy, soft and light pillow, as it provides excellent support for your head and cervical spine and is wonderfully flexible, suitable for all sleeping positions.

The pillows are made of the finest goose feathers with the SILVER ACTIVE treatment, which makes it the absolute number one on the market. Antiviral and antibacterial protection working on the basis of silver ions, reducing the content of bacteria by up to 95%! It prevents the reproduction of fungi, microorganisms and dust mites, making this feather pillow hypoallergenic and thus providing you with maximum comfort, clean and healthy sleep.

Žádná položka