Get your baby a blanket that you'd want to snuggle into yourself. A soft baby blanket shouldn't be missing in a crib, stroller or car seat. Thanks to its natural yet playful colours, it will complement your baby's room perfectly. It will be envied by everyone while you'll be riding around your pram with it. 

We make blankets mainly from merino wool, which is one of the softest and most pleasant materials to touch. At the same time, it has practical thermoregulating features that make it pleasantly cool in summer and reliably warm in winter. In addition, the special flaky surface of the wool fiber prevents the growth of bacteria. We also recommend getting a practical pillow and sheet for the baby.

If you are a fan of ecology, you will also be pleased to know that merino wool is a highly ecological material and when disposed of, it decomposes back into the soil naturally. This means that there will be no ecological trace left even when it has outlived its useful life. But be prepared for it-with proper care-to last a long time.

Žádná položka

Pořiďte vašemu děťátku deku, do které se budete chtít zachumlat i vy sami. Vyberte si merino deku, aby se vaše miminko cítilo co nejpříjemněji.