Black Spots

Spots from food, dirt in the garden or those you don't even know where they originated are part of every child's life - from the little ones to the bigger ones. Go against the grain and go straight for the spots kit. We promise that these spots will catch your eye at first sight with their minimalist and playful look. 

The pattern is made up of delicate black spots that are perfect for both boys' and girls' rooms. You can match your baby's whole outfit - from swaddling blanket, play blanket, pillow to a hat or snuggler. 

We combine feather swaddles in black spots with white and ochre. It is up to you which combination you choose for your baby. Thanks to the natural feather material, which the Czech brand JiTuli works with, you can be sure that the baby's temperature will not fluctuate and the feathers will have a thermoregulating function. This means that it cools down in the heat, warms up in the winter and prevents sweating. This makes it the ideal partner for babies born in the hottest summer and the coldest winter days. 

Žádná položka

Pořiďte miminku praktickou výbavičku. Pokud máte rádi hravé vzory, minimalistické černé flíčky budou tou správnou volbou.