Expectant mothers have a natural need to nestle and prepare a beautiful environment for their baby, which they bring him or her to from the delivery ward. Whether it's an entire room for the baby, or a corner in the bedroom where he or she has a crib. Thus, part of the preparations shouldn't be missing a quality matching outfit for the baby, if you are one of those who like everything colour-coordinated. At JiTuli, we choose patterns and colours that can be easily coordinated with the rest of the room. So you can choose neutral monochrome outfits, but also more playful patterns that bring a bit of nature into the room.

And what can you get in one pattern or colour? In the range of baby gear you will find feather swaddles, cot cushions, cot mattresses, baby growing nests, play blankets and changing mats, overalls and baby hats, snuggles, pram and cot sheets, and for bigger babies, duvets and pillows with sheets.

Nastávající maminky mají potřebu zahnízdit a připravit miminku krásné prostředí. Vyberte si výbavičku, která udělá radost vám i vašemu děťátku.